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Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and so, to use another cliched phrase, I’m going to extol the virtues of peanut butter and banana.

More often than not I bring a piece of whole wheat bread and a (sometimes) ripe banana with me to work. I’ve noticed that if you go to a regular grocery store for produce the bananas are HUGE. Really more like two bananas. I’m a little worried as to how they get them that big, but I try not to think about it. Anyway, to get my day started I like to lightly toast up the bread, spread a couple tablespoons of peanut butter on it, and pile it high with banana. So high, in fact, that eating breakfast ends up being a messy, unprofessional task. Luckily I’ve got my cubicle to shield people from the dirty deed of my food to mouth process. What they don’t know is how delicious and energizing this meal is. Gets me through at least 3 hours of the day before I’m ready for another snack. I was going to take a picture of my breakfast this morning, but I was so hungry I forgot. Here’s a picture I found from Simple Daily Recipes:

Now imagine this picture with one piece of bread, about twenty more slices of banana, and a big glass of TJ’s Vanilla Soymilk (the refrigerated kind, which I could write a whole other post about it’s so good) and you’ll get a perfect picture of the way I might start my day.


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snickers and doodles

Vegan snickerdoodles have been making the rounds on blogs and forums for some time now, so I decided to keep the chain going. I found this recipe here, and the cookies were absolutely perfect, at least the first time when I made a half batch. When I tried making them again, this time a full batch because they were so amazing, they didn’t turn out quite as good, but I blame my oven. Without further ado, here’s the porn:

Stack o' doodles

Stack o' doodles

Layers o' doodles

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soup-in-bowl sunday

Ok, so the title is stretching it a little bit, especially since I’m writing this on a Monday, but I couldn’t resist.

I love soup. I really love soup when the weather is cold and makes your body cry out for it, wanting to be warmed from the inside out for every meal. Living in San Diego can make that difficult when it may technically be winter, but you walk outside into a dry 80 degrees instead of what should be at least low 60s. Come on, southern California!

Anyway, I don’t let that phase me. I make soup no matter what. Usually it’s an amazing lentil that I adapted from this Giada DeLaurentis recipe where I exchange chicken broth for veggie, and add red wine and cilantro, but lately I’ve been experimenting more. Straight from Veganomicon I cooked up a HUGE batch of Tomato Rice with Roasted Garlic and Navy Bean, which you can find the recipe for here and a picture of here.

I guess I must really like tomato soup, because I also created this little beauty of a tomato bisque:

tomato bisque

Sprinkled on top you’ll see some toasted pumpkin seeds, a sprig of parsley, and hiding in the depths? A large spoonful of olive tapenade to cut the sweetness. This recipe was adapted from here (with soy creamer instead of yogurt), but the next soup was all my own invention. I like to call it Broccolini Bean.

rapini soup!

kitchen soup

Since this is really more of an “everything but the kitchen sink” soup (and has rapini, not broccolini in it), I can’t remember the exact recipe. It does have your basic mirepoix, vegetable broth, cannelini beans, rapini, and lots of garlic, but how all those things got mixed into the pot…your guess is as good as mine! It was delicious, hearty, and comforting –  that’s all I need to remember.

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