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October 5, 2009 at 7:51 pm 3 comments

This vegan questionnaire going around caught my eye today, so I’ve decided to hold off the next food porn until tomorrow. Check it, yo!

1. Favorite non-dairy milk?
I know I’ve said this before, but Trader Joe’s refrigerated Vanilla Soymilk is the best EVER. Also Silk Chocolate is great when I’m craving dessert, but don’t want to bake.

2. What are the top 3 dishes/recipes you are planning to cook?
Definitely planning on chickpea quinoa pilaf from Veganomicon, some sort of Moroccan lentil stew (yay for fall weather!), and a fruit crumble.

3. Topping of choice for popcorn?
Kettle corn would have to be my favorite, but I guess that’s not a topping per say. Olive oil and garlic salt is pretty amazing if I’m feeling like a more savory snack.

4. Most disastrous recipe/meal failure?
I’ve messed up quite a lot, but never to completely disastrous results…except perhaps the other day when I made cornmeal-chili crusted baked tofu (again from Veganomicon) and forgot to spray oil on before baking. It was like I’d found triangles of tofu on the beach and decided it would be a good idea to eat them for dinner.

5. Favorite pickled item?
Clausson’s dill pickles cannot be beat, as much as I’ve searched for cheaper pickled cucumbers.

6. How do you organize your recipes?
Huh, organization? What’s that? I have a drawer full of paper and a shelf with cookbooks…

7. Compost, trash, or garbage disposal?
Garbage disposal for the most part. I wish I had a place to compost nearby!

8. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 foods…what would they be (don’t worry about how you’ll cook them)?
Lentils for sure, perfectly ripe nectarines…some sort of veggie like kale, collards or rapini, probably. Ask me tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll have a different answer.

9. Fondest food memory from your childhood?
There are so many! My mom is a great cook. I used to be a ballet dancer (until I was 14) and man could I EAT. I remember one night eating four baked potatoes without being full or gaining weight. Boy were those the good ol’ days.

10. Favorite vegan ice cream?
I helped make the most amazing chocolate peanut butter soy ice cream once. I could LIVE on the stuff. If Double Rainbow made their chocolate peanut butter vegan, I would be in heaven.

11. Most loved kitchen appliance?
I think the Kitchen Aid food processor wins over the mixer…it simplifies so many things!

12. Spice/herb you would die without?
Tarragon or cumin or curry powder or cinnamon…

13. Cookbook you have owned for the longest time?
Hmm…The Vegetarian Family Cookbook by Nava Atlas, probably. The Semicircular Vegan got it for me before I became vegan, but it’s got ways to veganize everything in it!

14. Favorite flavor of jam/jelly?
There is a local jam company that makes AMAZING tart plum jam.

15. Favorite vegan recipe to serve to an omni friend?
Hmm, possibly Tofu Marsala. It’s so elegant and delicious.

16. Seitan, tofu, or tempeh?
Depends on how they’re prepared!

17. Favorite meal to cook (or time of day to cook)?
Brunch is a lot of fun on the weekends, but otherwise I’ll stick with dinner.

18. What is sitting on top of your refrigerator?
A super large roll of aluminum foil that won’t fit in the drawer and boxes of cereal. Used to keep wine up there, too, but since I moved recently and bought extra counter space (with shelves!) there is more room for that now.

19. Name 3 items in your freezer without looking.
Trader Joe’s meatless meatballs, frozen artichokes, frozen mango.

20. What’s on your grocery list?
fFor now…soymilk, tofurkey, and whatever fruit and veggies are on sale.

21. Favorite grocery store?
Henry’s Market and Trader Joe’s probably…though I also love Whole Foods and Jimbo’s if I’m flush with CASH.

22. Name a recipe you’d love to veganize, but haven’t yet.
Fettuccine Alfredo. One of these days I’ll get the courage…

23. Food blog you read the most (besides Isa’s because I know you check it everyday). Or maybe the top 3?

What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway – Amazing photography and really tasty recipes

Get Sconed – YUM

Vegan Dad – Fun and easy recipes, for the most part

24. Favorite vegan candy/chocolate?
Trader Joe’s dark chocolate bars, plain and simple. Cheap and sooo good.

25. Most extravagant food item purchased lately?
Hmmm…I have really been cutting back on buying expensive things from the store, but I guess that big bag of raw cashews wasn’t exactly easy on the wallet.

26. Ingredients you are scared to work with?
I still haven’t made my own seitan, even though people keep telling me it’s easy. I crave setain cutlets though, so it will happen soon!


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Amber  |  October 7, 2009 at 3:11 am

    I made those chili cornmeal crusted tofu triangles and had the same thing happen!!!

  • 2. Hallie  |  October 7, 2009 at 5:39 pm

    I’ll have to check out that soymilk. I go back and forth on what kind of milk I want to buy/drink. The main problem for me is that I don’t drink that much of any milk and my boyfriend will help me out with the cow’s milk (plus it’s cheapest) but I’m on my own wilth almond milk or soymilk and I HATE letting things go bad. And I wasn’t blown away by hemp milk, for how much it costs.

    Oh and have you ever made the red lentil cauliflower curry from V’con? It was probably one of the best things I have ever cooked. Incredible.

    • 3. shmeeps  |  October 7, 2009 at 5:58 pm

      Oh definitely. I was never a big fan of milk either, but I can drink this stuff plain…the vanilla kind even has less sugar than the regular. my boyfriend loves it, too…just as much as regular milk even, and it lasts longer in the fridge. hemp milk doesn’t taste very good, i agree…i have other friends who aren’t vegan and love it so much they are constantly questioning that it’s soymilk at all!


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