v-mo ’09: small meals

October 13, 2009 at 4:04 am 2 comments

For the past few months I have been a freelance web designer. I am crazy and quit my job at a fairly large corporation to seek to better myself by learning new skills and building my portfolio, thus enabling me to get a better job where I get to be creative and not under appreciated.

What does this mean? Well, what I thought it would mean is that I’d have tons of time to focus on my professional skills, and be a much more productive member of society, at least in my own space (the last couple months at my job, that whole “working hard or hardly working?” question was always answered “hardly”). What I’ve found is that sometimes I feel much more productive doing housework or cooking a delicious meal rather than doing the work that gets me, oh, you know…money. Unfortunately being a freelance computer anything means I work from home, and therefore don’t always leave the house. Some days I sit at the computer until dinner time and realize I don’t have the ingredients to try that new meal I was planning, and definitely don’t have the energy to go to the store and then cook.

These are the times I cross my fingers and open the fridge with my eyes closed, hoping that when I take a peek I will see at least some ingredients that can come together to make something resembling a meal. The other night I had a block of tofu, onions, garlic, wine and some almost too old crimini mushrooms. Luckily both me and the b-fri are fans of all these things (as long as they’re cooked), so pan-fried tofu with white-wine mushroom sauce it was! After that we scrounged and snacked to fill the rest of our hunger, but I was pretty proud of how quickly this came together.

Feeling the pressure, I used a big plastic ziploc bag and filled it with flour, a bit of salt and some freshly ground pepper, dumped the tofu triangles in and shook. I am not a fan of wasting plastic bags, but the bag was in its second use, I swear! And man is that easier than dredging.

After frying the tofu in some olive oil, I moved it to the oven to keep warm while I made the sauce. I let some olive oil, a diced yellow onion and the mushrooms, some garlic, a tablespoon of the flour mixture, and a bunch of white wine reduce in the pan till it thickened, then poured it over the tofu. Easy peasy! Oh, and tasty, too. It’s nice when something fast can be elegant and flavorful as well. Hooray!


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  • 1. jenitreehugger  |  October 13, 2009 at 7:57 am

    Haha – you’ve just totally described my life! I went freelance web designing a year and a half ago so I hear ya. Working from home has made me the master of finding other things to do beside work – like gardening and cooking etc etc. I am more creative at night anyway so I figure I get the best of both worlds – do what I want during the day then around 6pm start work.
    It suits me well now I’ve gotten into a routine.
    Gorgeous looking meal.

  • 2. Jojo  |  October 15, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    That looks great, I love tofu & mushrooms too.


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