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whole-wheat rotelli with ancho-chile cashew cream sauce

What? Am I really updating this blog after 2 years? I guess so! Why? Someone asked for a recipe of something I made for dinner last night! Reason enough for me.

Anyway, I don’t have a picture, but here’s what I made:

Whole-wheat rotelli with ancho-chile cashew cream sauce, kale, grape tomatoes, and chipotle Field Roast sausage

For the cashew cream sauce:

2-3 small ancho chiles
juice of one lime
handful of cilantro
2 or so cups soaked raw cashew pieces (soak raw cashews in hot water for at least an hour, or any temp water overnight)
2.5 – 3 cups veggie broth (I use rapunzel brand vegan bouillon cubes)
4 cloves roasted or sauteed garlic
teaspoon or so of salt

To make the sauce!

1. Roast the chiles. I did this over my open gas burner, but you can do in the oven.
If you want the sauce to be spicy, leave in some seeds! I took them out, but would leave some in next time.
Then roughly chop them.

2. Blend up cashews, lime, and broth until fairly smooth. Add in the garlic, cilantro, and peppers and blend again until totally smooth. (This might take a few minutes!)

3. Transfer the sauce to a pan and cook on medium heat until thickened to your liking (this shouldn’t take more than a few minutes). Transfer the sauce to another container so you can use the same pan to cook the kale. Don’t worry about the pan being clean, you can cook the kale with a little bit of sauce!

For the rest:

1 bag whole wheat rotelli or other small pasta
1 bunch kale, rinsed
a couple large handfuls of grape tomatoes, rinsed
juice of 1 lime
another handful of cilantro, chopped
salt to taste
2 field roast chipotle sausages (optional)

1. Start boiling water for pasta.

2. Chop up kale into medium sized pieces (including stalks)

3. Heat pan on high and throw in the kale right away (a little bit of water is fine) making sure any leftover sauce in the pan doesn’t burn

4. Toss kale with lime juice and cook for a minute or two

5. Add grape tomatoes and cilantro, stir, and continue cooking until kale stalks are tender

Whenever water starts boiling, add pasta and cook for 5-7 minutes

In the meantime, pan-fry or grill sausages until crisp on the outside. Tear or chop up into bite-sized pieces.

After everything is done cooking, mix up as much sauce as you want with pasta, kale, and tomatoes. You can also toss in the sausages, but they have a strong flavor, so I ended up serving them on the side with more sauce.



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