vegan mofo head start: restaurant week!

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Last week was restaurant week in San Diego, and though most of the menus weren’t very vegan friendly, I did manage to find one place with 3 vegan options. My husband and I went, he got a 3 course meal, I got 2 courses, and we shared his dessert. Oh, you want to know the restaurant? Indigo Grill!

Please excuse my fairly awful cellphone pictures.

My first course was this INSANE beet salad:
stacked beet saladDescription: orange segments, shaved fennel, lime-caraway dressing, dried beet chips (plus GIGANTIC roasted beet chunks/slices)
This picture may not make the salad look huge, but trust me, it was enough for FOUR people as a first course.

My main course was Good Things Growing
Description from website: Indian corn pudding, baked whole butternut squash with bourbon-pecan butter, caramelized plantain, honey roasted garlic, flatbread, pipan tofu with mole negro
Veganized version (pictured above): Butternut squash, roasted root veggies, grilled tofu (only one piece sadly), stuffed spicy pepper with pickled onions, caramelized plantains, roasted garlic, mixed greens with sliced pear.

Dessert was three types of really good sorbet: strawberry guava, grapefruit, and tangerine.

Overall, the meal was better than average, but nothing to get too excited about. If they actually veganized everything on the normal “Good Things Growing” plate, I have a feeling I would be dwelling on how good it was. In reality, nothing on the plate was especially memorable, and probably not worth $24. The beet salad, however, was only $10, and well worth it! Next time, I’ll ask to add grilled tofu and let that be my whole meal.


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